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"Every business, small to large, has the right to affordable subject matter experts in the area of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability."

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Our Values Guide Us


Our mission is simple. To design, build and deliver the highest quality programs for our clients all the while ensuring they receive a personalized experience.  Our passion is not to just be a consultant for our clientele but to partner with them and provide a unique, high quality EHHSS services and diverse training. Our philosophy is to design your personalized services around your company's needs and compliance requirements.



Your Program


We have made a commitment to identify the best industry practices, resources and techniques to develop a customized program for your company. In addition, we offer variable avenues for a company to retain sv-3. Programs developed for you will not be "canned" but unique, functional and a sustainable component of your company's culture.



Building the Newest Chapter of Your Companies Story


All companies  have two common goals, being highly profitable and having continual growth.  While many companies are only sustaining their existence they are missing the next essential step, the value that EHSS adds to a company and how it positively affects the bottom line.


Return on Investment (ROI) is always a factor when a company looks at a new course of action. Allow sv-3 to show you the ROI that a well developed and deployed EHSS program can bring.


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We'd love to hear from you


Based out of Oakbrook IL.

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