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sv-3  - Your Key to EHS Success

sv-3 was founded on the premise that every company, regardless of size or stature, should be able to access superior subject matter expertise (SME) in the areas of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS).


A number of organizations retain this talent in-house on their payroll. However, the reality is even more would like to protect their vested interest – their workplace and employees – but they simply can’t budget annually additional permanent positions.


sv-3 believes that acquiring such talent should not break the bank. Every organization should have access to an affordable means of enhancing their teams or even just having an on-call expert.

Outsourcing an EHS team is the practical means to acquire seasoned professionals at an affordable rate and on an “as needed” basis. Allow sv-3 to be your partner. Our EHS pros have worked with companies such as:


  • Alcoa

  • Alumax

  • Argonne National Lab

  • Church Landscape

  • CPMT (Certified Professional Management Training)

  • Cyprus Amax

  • Darden Industries

  • Dukes Oil

  • Everpure

  • Harley Davidson

  • Marriott

  • US Filter

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