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Many business leaders have resigned to a risk-averse decision-making process (in other words, “this or that”). In most cases, it’s at the cost of “that,” which ends up being employee training.


Business owners have been known to ask the question, “If I don’t train my employees, what is the risk?” That’s dangerous in the New Normal because much of today’s marketplace doesn’t fit into yesterday’s way of doing business. The new normal is a comparatively ABNORMAL situation. And in abnormal situations, you have to implement different strategies to solve problems, which will allow your business to flourish.


The key elements to your company’s success are:  training, policies and programs, and your blind side. Yes, your blind side. Lack of any one of these key elements will affect your bottom line. So, how do you turn a profit when employees are the investment? The first step is to analyze what you already have in place. The second step is to develop, update, or revitalize those elements.


By utilizing some of sv-3’s approaches, you can see an apparent ROI. There are five elements a number of our clients have used to get to the next level:

  • Predictive Analysis review

  • Lunch and Learn to assist in identifying what your company’s specific needs are

  • Organization Health Analysis (free, 2-hour analysis to first-time customers)

  • Train-the-Trainer

  • Management Development Programs


If you are interested in becoming more profitable, competitive, or would like to analyze the health of your organization, simply contact sv-3, so we can learn more about your company and how we can help.



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