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The literal context of a strategy is a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result. In the case of the organizations that sv-3 has conducted business with, it is a common goal which is to increase the bottom line.


Strategies your business may have already tapped into could include how to increase production, reduce overhead costs, and create a better quality product.


But what about the untapped potential of savings - savings acquired from a strong Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Program.


Organizations that utilize canned, generic EHS programs expect stellar results; however, these types of programs fail as they are not customized towards their business culture or product.  So, basically, you are throwing good money away after bad attempting to make them work.


Sv-3 offers numerous workshops, seminars, and programs that are customized for your organization and have historically resulted in at least a 100% ROI.


What does this mean for you? It means a better understanding of how to integrate EHS into your organization and allowing your employees to own a new type of culture. Implementing a proper EHS Program will decrease injuries and incidents and increase your bottom line all the while improving your workmans' comp costs and Experience Modification Rate (EMR).


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