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Predictive analysis is a way of looking proactively at the future. 


Most companies rely on metrics. Metrics are good if you want to know the HISTORY of your company’s losses, quality, production, or injuries. Metrics are also one of the many tools in a company’s arsenal for success. A company should have a handle on their metrics to know where they have been. Now, a company that knows where they are going ... that is a company with foresight ... that is predictive analysis.


By applying predictive analysis practices, companies are successfully predicting and preventing workplace injuries, resulting in millions of dollars in savings on the bottom line as well as a return on investment (ROI), stronger safety cultures, increased productivity, and due to the ROI, an increase in the workforce.


A company can gather this prized, analytical data by way of job safety analyses, inspections, audits, observations, near misses, root causes, and other contributing factors. These documents, if robust and analyzed appropriately, can answer the question vital to an organization’s future health and success ... “What will happen next?”


sv-3 has developed and implanted the practice of predictive analysis in a number of organizations not only helping these companies become more financially secure, but also providing an edge over their competition.


There are several strategies that can be used as either a standalone or as a comprehensive program.

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